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Elsa Spirit Gown costume
Picture by By Marije Photography

I love designing and unleashing my creativity onto my work! Sometimes I spend weeks forming a design in my head, until I’m finally ready to actually make it. These designs could be anything. From my own interpertation of existing characters, to original designs for fantasy costumes, historical costumes and even gowns for special occasions or bridal fashion!

Costume Making

Picture by Mike Attinger Photography

Cosplaying and making costumes is how all of this started for me. I absolutely love taking a character and making their costume. Sometimes I go for screen accuracy, sometimes I create my own designs.

Historical Costuming

Rose Swim Dress Titanic
Picture by Mike Attinger Photography

I’ve always loved historical fashion and I’ve done loads of research into women’s fashion from different era’s. I love recreating these historical gowns. If I have the time I even enjoy using sewing techniques from the time! Even if that means handsewing an entire pair of stays.

”Camilla Costumes made a Belle dress for me based on a fanart. We discussed all the fabrics and parts together and now we have an absolutely stunning result. I would definitely commission her again. Can’t wait to wear the dress to a con!”

– Laura Calandt
Customer of my Winter Belle costume

Interested in commissioning me for your next costume? Check out my portfiolio page if you want to see more of my work. I also have a commission page with more info about how I work.

Picture by Mike Attinger Photography


Noord-Holland, The Netherlands