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I love letting my creativity flow and coming up with all sorts of designs and then bringing them to life. I have designed many different gowns for myself, and now also get to make custom designs for clients. On this page you can find all the custom design work I have done and what the design turned into.

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My Goddess design is a design that took a full year to fully take shape in my head and she went through several different designs to get to what I ended up making. I originally got inspired from the word ”celestial” in a show I was watching and she developed from there.

Goddess couture gown
Picture by vdschans_photography

Elsa Spirit Gown

I designed this costume based on the dress Elsa wears at the end of Frozen 2. I thought the gown in the movie was quite simple and not very Elsa. So I wanted to bring back elements from her original Ice Dress from Frozen 1. I also took inspiration from bridal fashion for this design.

Elsa Spirit Gown costume
Picture by By Marije Photography

Elsa Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

This is the second design for an Elsa costume I’ve done. This is based on her dress from the Olaf’s Frozen Adventure short film. I took inspiration from late Victorian evening gowns from this and based my skirt pattern on the pattern of a real gown from that era. I brought back the Victorian shape in the bodice as well, but still wanted to make it Elsa.

Picture taken by C Flash Ninja

Blue Fairy

For this fairy design I really wanted to do a fluffy tule costume with petal details. I did the petails because fairies always remind me of nature and flowers, so I wanted to bring that back somehow. I did end up changing the sleeve design from cape sleeves to short gathered tule sleeves, because the tule cape sleeves were too much with the tule skirt.

picture by Kevin Jeukens Photography

Blue Cape Dress

This cape dress is the second version of a design I did back in 2018. I wanted to do a very regal gown with long cape sleeves and a massive train. To tie in a nature theme to the gown, I added white lace with a lot of leaves. I was originally planning on adding even more leaves to the costume, but that made it too busy, so I ended up making it as you see it here in the final version.

Ariel Kiss the Girl

This Ariel design is based on her Kiss the Girl outfit from the movie The Little Mermaid. Her original design is quite plain, so I really wanted to make it more extra. I decided to go for a massive ruffled cupcake skirt, a corset with lace appliques and 1100 beads handsewed to it and a blouse with big bishop sleeves.

picture by Laura Calandt Photography

Rococo Fantasy

For this costume I wanted to do something Rococo inspired, because I love the shape the famous Robe A La Francaise gowns have, but I wanted to make it fantasy. I used the big hips style gown these mid 18th century gowns always had, but decided to go for a more fluffy look, using a lot of tule pleating and gathering on the bodice.

picture by S.vandersteen

Blue Fantasy

This is a design I did for a client. They really wanted a blue and purple fantasy gown and gave me complete freedom on the design, so this is what I came up with. I love the look of halter dresses and flowy chiffon gowns. I think that really gives an ethereal feel to a dress. And I’m a big fan of the massive sleeves gowns in movies such as Lord of the Rings always have, so that’s what I decided to do for the sleeves. And the lavender underbust corset perfectly breaks up all the blue from the gown in my opinion.

Duo Elf Fantasy

I did this design for two clients who wanted to do a duo elf fantasy look for an event. I designed them these flowy chiffon gowns with cape sleeves from the shoulders all the way down to the ground. They asked me specifically for the sleeves like that and they also wanted a skirt with a short train and a slit up the side. Besides those couple points, they allowed me to create a design for them.

Cotton Candy Dress

This is another design I did for a client. She has a cotton candy stand at a summer fair and wanted a fun, bright gown to wear to it. The design I came up with has loads of lace and fun colors. And to top it off she has a lot of bows, making her even cuter.

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