Client portfolio

I do a lot of commission work for clients. You can find all of my client work on this page. For more information about what I can do as a commission, you can check out my commission info page. If you want to see more of my work, I recommend checking out my Instagram.

Late Edwardian Corset

This is a late Edwardian long line corset that I made for a client. She wanted a corset that was kind of based on the one Rose wears in Titanic, which is pictured in a certain scene, so I tried to base this off of that one as much as I could.

I drafted the pattern for the corset myself, using a couple existing long line corset patterns from the Edwardian era as a reference. And it is of course based on my client’s measurements.

The corset is made from 2 layers of cotton twill. The boning channels are stitched into the two layers and I used a mix of spiral and steel boning to bone the corset with. It opens in the front with a split busk and has lacing and eyelets in the back. I used some cotton lace to decorate the top and bottom with.

Stays Claire Outlander Costume

This is the pair of stays I made for the Claire costume pictures below this. They’re roughly based off of the pair she wears on the show.

The stays are made from 4 layers: the fashion layer is a cream coloured linnen. Then there are 2 layers of cotton twill for strenght and lastly on the inside there is a cotton lining. The stays are half bones using synthetic boning.

I drafted the pattern for the stays myself, based off a pair pictured in Corsets and Crinolines by Norah Waugh and using the arch method explained in Patterns of Fashion 5 by Janet Arnold. This was my first time flat drafting my own stays patterns and I’m very satisfied with the result.

Claire Outlander Costume

This costume is based on one of the costumes Claire Fraser wears in the first season of Outlander. This project came with so many different parts. I made a shift, a bumroll, pair of stays, skirt, bodice and stomacher.

The bumroll is made from a thick cotton twill fabric and has been filled with pluche stuffing to give it that pillow effect. I drafted the pattern myself based on some existing bumroll patterns from the time.

The skirt is made from a heavy brown wool. It’s made from square patterns and pleated with a mix of box- and knifepleats at the top.

The bodice is made from a wool and is lined with a cotton. It laces up in the front with hidden eye closures and the sleeves are seperate. The back fans out in a peplum shape and is all made from one big panel. The stomacher is made from a sand coloured linnen and fully boned using synthetic boning. I drafted the pattern for the bodice myself.

Rainbow Unicorn Ballgown

This is a rainbow themed costume I designed and made for a friend who does kids entertainment. She wanted to have rainbow themed ballgown to impress the kids with.

The skirt is made from a lining of satin, with a layer of iridescent organza on top and then layers and layers of tule. One of the tule layers is a rainbow printed fabric, giving that multicoloured effect. The top layer is a mint green star printed glitter tule, making the skirt sparkle even more.

The bodice is attatched to the dress and is made from layers of the same materials as the skirt. The bodice and sleeves are also decorated with a lot of lace. Lastly the front of the bodice has a massive bow, decorated with more lace, and a matching bow on the back of the dress that can be clipped on once the zipper is zipped up.

Westside Story Costume

This costume is another replica of a movie costume. It’s based on a bright yellow dress worn by Anita in the movie West Side Story (2021).

The gown is made from a yellow cotton fabric that has quite some body to it, so it was perfect for this beautiful 1950s inspired dress. The gown has a lot of panels in the front, that are all fanned out towards the bottom, to create a full circle skirt. The sleeves of the gown are off the shoulder and have gathered details. The dress zips up in the back with an invisible zipper.

For under the dress I also made a red petticoat, like Anita wears in the film as well. The petticoat has pleated ruffles stitched to the inside of the skirt, rather than the outside. This way if you dance around with the dress on, the ruffles will be visible.

Lolita Costume

This client commission is a lolita dress with an underbust corset. The design was made by me, based on directions from client.

The main gown is pink and the skirt has an extra white underskirt. Both skirts are full circles, so it’s really big and poofy. The white underskirt is covered in white ruffled lace and there is also a trim of the same lace at the bottom of the pink overskirt layer. The dress has off the shoulder sleeves with more lace and a big bow on the front. It zips up in the back with an invisible zipper.

The underbust corset is made from white satin and has external boning channels. To tie the pink from the dress back in, I sandwiched some pink lace and ribbons under the boning channels. I think this turned out as such a cute detail.

The Glass Slipper Ballgown

This absolute beast of a ballgown is based on a costume from the 1955 movie ”The Glass Slipper”. To achieve the right shape I first built a large grand pannier to go under the dress and give the skirt the silhouette it needed.

The skirt is made from 8 different layers. A satin lining and layer and layers of tule on top. The very top layer of the tule has been gathered up to give this draped effect. The skirt is also decorated with loads of different kinds of faux flowers.

The corset bodice is made from 4 different layers. The top layer being a satin with a hand pleated tule on top. The sleeves are made from tule and decorated with lace and more flowers. The corset bodice laces up in the back and is fully boned with spiral and flat steel boning.

Danganronpa Anniversary Gown

This adorable gown was based on the 10th Anniversary edition gown a character from the game Danganronpa wears.

The skirt is 3 layers, a viscose lining, a light pink chiffon for the bottom skirt and then a second asymmetrical skirt layer on top of the light pink layer. This top layer was gradient dyed to have the lilac effect at the bottom. The skirt if also heavily gathered at the waistband for more volume.

The corset bodice has a tule gathered stomacher and is decorated with lots of small pearl beads and pearl trims on the sides. The sleeve straps are off the shoulder and the neckline is decorated with 2 different colors of faux flowers. The corset laces up in the back.

I also made some floral hairpins to match with the flowers on the bodice. These are attatched to hair clips, so they can easily clip into the hair.

Padme Lake Dress

I got to do another movie replica as a commission. I always love getting to do replica’s, because I see it as a true test of my skills as a costume maker. To see how close I can get to these costumes made for films.

This gown is based on Padme’s Lake Dress from Star Wars. It’s a beautifully draped silk georgette and silk satin gown. I handdyed the gorgeous gradient of colors into the fabric myself. The costume is a base halter dress and the big cape layer on top of it. The cape has lots of gathers at the arms. The bottom of the cape layer comes together in a handmade jewerly piece. I made this from sequins and beaded strings.

The necklace and arm cuffs are also made by me. They are made from a white leather, with an iridescent layer of plastic on top and then bound together by a golden binding. The necklace closes in the back with a proper necklace closure and the cuffs just slide onto the arms.

Padme Lake Dress (back)

This gown deserves to have its own picture up of the back of the costume as well. The back has a train, dyed in a beautiful gradient just like the front. The edges are all finished in a silk satin binding. The overlayer of the gown attatches in the back with 4 snaps closures. This immediately hides the invisible zipper in the back of the base dress.

The center back is decorated with a handscrafted jewelry piece that’s made from sequins stitched together by hand and several beaded strings.

Barbie Odette

I got to make another version of Odette’s beautiful gown from the movie Barbie: Swan Lake. The client requested for the costume to be more of a whimsical fantasy take on her gown from the movie.

The gown is different layers and lenghts of tule. The tule is finished in different ways to make it pop. The petals of the skirt are finished with a small zigzag, so they would jump out on top of all of the other tule of the skirt. The tule pleating for the bodice and sleeves is cut in points and gathered to give a fluffy effect. The tule is also completely covered in glitter.

The skirt is many different layers of fabric (8 total!). There is an iridescent organza under all the tule, which gives a beautiful glow under all of the sheer layers. Then I used layers of blue and pink tule and glitter tule to create the effect of the skirt.

The bodice is boned and laces up with a corset lacing in the back. The sleeves are seperate pieces that sit in the arm gathered with an elastic band on the inside of the sleeve.

Rainbow Unicorn Ballgown

This ballgown is definitely an eyecatcher with all of the different colors it has. The client for this gown has a kid’s entertainment business and requested to have a bright rainbow ballgown made that would go with a unicorn character she performs. I made the design for this based on some pointers from her.

The skirt is made from 8 layers of fabric; a satin lining, a lilac iridescent organza, 2 layers of pink tule, 2 layers of lilac tule, a layer of rainbow tule and on top a layer of lilac star printed glitter tule. Together they create the gorgeous effect of this skirt.

The bodice panels are cut in such a way that the colors from the skirt come back as a gradient going around the bodice. She has lace appliques on the front and beaded strings that match the rainbow colors of the dress. To make the bodice even more extra, I did some really big and poofy tule sleeves, made from several different layers of tule, just like the skirt.

Eowyn Wedding Dress

This gown is a wedding dress I did for a client who wanted something very special for her wedding. She was always in love with the Lord of the Rings movies and the costumes from that and also medieval inspired garments. We combined those for her wedding. I came up with this design based on some pointers from the client.

The gown is from a thin white cotton and it completely lined with a soft and flowy viscose, keeping the whole gown very light. The dress has princess seams and the panels of the skirt are flared out a lot at the bottom to give the gown extra width at the hem.

The sleeves are really long straight pieces that are pleated upwards at the front of the arm and really brings the Lord of the Rings aspect of this gown to life. The gown is decorated with sparkly golden trim.

Eowyn Starry Mantle

This starry mantle is worn on top of the above mentioned Eowyn inspired wedding gown. The client really loved the starry mantle concept Eowyn wears in the Lord of the Rings books and movie and she wanted one to wear on her wedding day with the gown.

The matle is made from a beautiful, thick and bright duchesse satin and is completely lined. The top and bottom of the gown are decorated in gold lace that matches really well with the golden trim on the wedding dress. The mantle is covered in different sizes stars that really makes the whole thing pop.

Elsa Frozen 2 Nightgown

This commission is based on the nightgown Elsa wears in the movie Frozen 2. The design of this gown is very simple, but still very much Elsa. I have made a couple different Elsa costumes over the years, but I hadn’t done her nightgown before, so getting to make this was a lot of fun for me.

For the main dress I used a purple velvet fabric. It’s so soft and really gives the costume the same look as the movie gown. On top of the velvet, for the skirt part, is a layer of stretch tule. The stretch tule is absolutely covered from head to toe in silver and purple rhinestones. Unfortunately my camera never properly wants to pick up the rhinestons, but she sparkles so much in the sun.

The bottoms and front of the gown are decorated with large embroidery pieces. As extra decoration I also added some larger silver rhinestones. The sleeves are also decorated in these details.

Jasmine Costume

This costume is based off of Jasmine her costume from the movie Aladin. I have always loved Jasmine’s outfits, but wouldn’t necessarily make them for myself. Doing commissions is the perfect way for me to still make them.

The pants are made from 3 layers. The lining is made from viscose, which is a very flowy fabric and would be perfect for these very puffy pants. On top of the lining is a layer of sparkling organza and the outter most layer is a blue chiffon. Because the chiffon is slightly see through, the sparkles from the organza peek through the fabric and create a gorgeous glow when the light hits the costume. Unfortunately my camera didn’t really pick it up, but in real life she shines beautifully.

The bodice is made from a cotton lining on the inside, a layer of cotton twill that has some boning stitched to it and then the fashion layer, which is the blue chiffon basted to another layer of cotton twill. The bodice closes in the back with eyelets and lacing.

Sugar Sugar Rune Pyjama

This costume commission was a quick little inbetween project. This is based on a pyjama a character in the anime Sugar Sugar Rune wears.

This costume came with its own challenges. It’s made from a very smooth, stretchy fabric that has a really beautiful drape. I always tried to avoid stretch fabrics, since they’re just more difficult to work with. But since I started studying lingerie making in school, I’ve been working non stop with stretch fabrics, so this costume commission was a nice way to use those new techniques I learned in school.

Besides that this was my first time making pants for a commission. I knew how to make pants, but I’d never made them for a commission before, so that was a fun change from my usual costume commissions.

Beatrice Umineko

I made this beast of a gown based on the design of Beatrice Umineko. This gown took 60 hours to make and she has so many details. My client really wanted a screen accurate costume, so I tried to get as close to the anime gown as I could.

The skirt has so many layers. The base skirt is made from red satin that is gathered by elastic to create this pulled up effect. Then on top of that base skirt layers are 2 seperate, assymetrical skirt layers. These have a curved bottom and are covered in ribbon detailing.

The bodice has quite a unique shape and it was a really fun bodice to make. She has a pointed front, a round neckline and a very low back. The sleeves are big and puffy. They are gathered with elastic to give that double puff sleeve look. The bottom of the sleeve is very wide and has pleated tule attatched to the bottom.

For details I did a little bow for the front of the dress, as the character has in the anime as well, and a choker necklace.

1850s Padoga Dress

I always love getting to do historical projects. This is an 1850s day dress I made. The style is the Pagoda style that was very fashionable at that time.

The gown is a seperate skirt and blouse with an extra belt to be worn around the waist. The belt has boning in it to help with the shape.

The blouse and skirt are made from a lovely cream cotton that has a subtle stripe and dot pattern woven into the fabric. I also added navy details to the dress to give her something extra.

(The cage crinoline under the dress is not meant to be worn with this dress. I only used it to model what it looked like. That’s why it sticks out under the skirt)

Round Cage Crinoline

This is another round cage crinoline I made. At this point I have made so many cage crinolines that I’ve lost count. This one has a very lovely bell shape and will be worn under a ballgown I’m making as a commission.

She’s made from 13 hoops and boned with flat steel boning. The bottom hoops are closer together for added strenght to the bottom of the hoop, since those hoops are larger and loose shape easier. I have also added double boning to some of the hoops to add strenght as well.

Barbie Odette Costume

As a little girl, I watched Barbie movies all the time, so I was beyond excited to make this barbie Odette costume as a commission.

I handcrafted every individual feather by layering several pieces of satin, organza and tule on top of each other. Then I added the silver glitter details to them.

The skirt is made from several different layers of satin, iridescent organza, pink and blue tule, as well as pink and blue glitter tule. The sleeves are made from the same layering of materials.

The bodice is mainly made from pink satin with little blue detailing.

Monster High Frankie Costume

This edgy costume is one I made based on the character Frankie Stein from Monster High. I’ve always thought the fashion from Monster High was so cool and interesting, so I loved getting to make this as a commission.

This was such a fun combination of materials and patterns. The main dress is made from a checkered blue cotton and a white cotton part at the top. The dress has a Peter Pan collar with handsewed black stitching details along the outside. The dress has really fun mesh puff sleeves with black cuffs.

I made an extra black belt to go with the outfit. This has a thunderbolt detail, as well as silver studs and chains.

Custom bridal crinoline

This is a custom cage crinoline I made to go with the wedding dress of my client. She bought a massive ballgown for her big day and needed a large crinoline to go under it. She couldn’t find any that were big enough, so she came to me to have one custom made.

She came over with her gown and I took the measurements. Based on her dress I created this custom crinoline. To this day it is still the biggest crinoline I’ve ever made. The bottom hoop is 4.60m in circumference. The top hoop sits right under de waistband to help support the weight of the ballgown skirt right from the top. The bottom of the crinoline has the hoops closer together to give more support to the bottom of the crinoline. Since these are the biggest hoops, they need extra reinforcement to stay in shape properly.

Duo Fantasy Dresses

These two gowns are a duo fantasy commission I did for two client. They wanted very flowy chiffon dresses to wear to a fantasy themes event. They gave me a couple of design directions, like wanting shoulder straps with cape sleeves, a slit in the side of the skirt and the colors light pink and mint. Besides that they allowed me to use my creativity and come up with a design.

I did a full circle skirt with a train in the back. The clients liked the look of that on my other designs and wanted it as well. For the bodice I did a sweetheart neckline with the straps going up and the cape sleeves attatched. I love the shape the bodice has in the end.

The bodices are both decorated with lace I cut out from fabric and handsewed down as seperate appliques. From far away it’s not too noticable, but on the lace I added white butterflies to give the design a real 3D effect. I love how the butterflies jump up from the lace. And lastly I added strings of pearls to the bodice. I love adding those to costumes, because I think it looks so elegant and beautiful.

Wedding Dress

This gown is a very special commission for me. A client commissioned my cape dress design to wear on her wedding day. She chose this lovely light blue color for the dress. It is such a massive honor to me that someone would want to wear one of my dresses on their big day.

The gown is made mostly from chiffon and is a seperate bodice and skirt. The skirt has a train in the back, giving the gown a very regal feel. The cape sleeves on the bodice also blend in with the skirt, so it gives the look like it’s all one part.

The neckline of the bodice is decorated with a delicate white cotton lace that is handsewed down.

Red Fantasy Costume

This costume is something quite different from the style of costume I usually make and it was such a fun project to do. It’s based on a fantasy design by my client and I brought it to life for her.

The main dress is red, which is a color I love but don’t work with nearly enough. It has golden en leather detailing. Both really pop against the red. The gown is also 2 different shades of red fabric to create more dimension.

This costume has a lot of leather detailing. I made leather bracers, a leather corset and matching neck piece. To make them stand out more, I cut out all of these curled leather appliques out of the same fabric and sewed them to the base leather. This really makes them eyecatching, in my opinion. I’m most happy with the leather neck corset. I’d never made something like that before and it was a lot of fun!

Lastly is the cloak. This is made from a beautiful, rich, black velvet fabric and is attatched to the neck corset. On top of that is a faux fur to give it a winter feel.

White Fantasy Costume

This is a white fantasy gown I made for a client. She sent me some reference pictures and I based the design for this off of those.

The gown is 2 parts, the skirt and the bodice. The skirt is made from a beautiful, flowy cationic chiffon and has a small train in the back. The skirt is lined with a satin fabric.

The bodice is of this gown is the real eyecatcher. The base bodice is a regular boned bodice with a sweetheart neckline. Then I dyed a blue gradient into some extra pieces of fabric I had and draped those over the bodice. I think the blue gradient really makes the gown pop. I decorated the bodice with appliques and white pearl strings.

The bodice hass off the shoulder draped sleeves with the same blue gradient dyed into them. The sleeves are also decorated with pearl strings.

Blue Fantasy Costume

This is a design I came up with myself for a fantasy commission for a client. It’s a halter dress made from chiffon materials and to top it off I made an underbust corset, but the gown can be worn without it as well.

The skirt of the gown is made from 2 different chiffon fabrics, one light blue one and one that shifts from blue to purple. The color shifting fabric is gorgeous in real life. The bodice is made from the same color shifting fabric. The dress is lined in a flowy satin.

The gown has sleeves that are seperate from the rest. They have elastic bands, creating a puffy effect. Then they flow down as cape sleeves, giving the dress a real fantasy feel.

The corset is made from a lavender dupioni silk that matches really well with the color shift of the blue chiffon. To finish it, the dress and corset are decorated with delicate blue flower appliques

Alice in Wonderland Costume

This commission is a commission from my Etsy store (link here) and is based on a Alice in Wonderland costume I made myself many years ago.

I absolutely adore Alice her design and was so excited to get to make this again. I love the puffy sleeves and the blue color and the white apron.

I also, of course, added my own little touches to the design, like the lace on the bottom, the lace on the collar and the skirt, the ribbon details on the sleeves.

Princess Serenity Costume

This commission is based on the design of Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon. Even though I have not seen this myself, I’ve always loved the Serenity design and I was so excited to make this for my client.

The dress is all in one piece. The skirt is 3 layers, a lining of viscose and then two layers of chiffon. The shorter top layer of chiffon is covered in hundreds of sparkly rhinestones.

The bodice is decorated in loads of pearls that are all handsewed to the fabric. This was very time consuming, but definitely worth it in the end.

There is a large bow on the back of the dress that can be swapped for a smaller bow I’ve also made. The bow is also covered in rhinestones.

The sleeves are short puff sleeves with rhinestone and pearl detailing.

Funny Face Gown

This gown is a commission based on a dress from the Audrey Hepburn movie ‘Funny Face’. My client commissioned this for a special occasion in her life.

First I made a custom cage crinoline for under this gown, to give it that big shape. To smooth out the hoops of the crinoline, I made a petticoat to go on top of it.

The gown itself is all one piece and closes in the back with a zipper. The bodice has a hidden corset bodice inside that has spiral steel boning to give the bodice shape and keep it up straight. The gown is made completely from a stunning silk charmeusse.

The skirt and bodice are both decorated with flowers. The sleeves are off the shoulder straps with cute bows on the sides.

Witch Ariel

This is a witch Ariel costume I made based on a design by Lady.Holly on IG. Her designs are amazing, you can check them out here. This was recreated with permission from the artist.

This costume has so many parts. A blouse with big bishop sleeves, pleats aon the center front and ruffle details. The blouse is also fully lined.

The underbust corset is made from a purple satin and is decorated wsith the same lace from the skirt and a couple star studs. The corset is boned with spiral steel boning and closes with eyelets and lacing in the back.

The skirt is really big and fluffy thanks to the short cage crinoline I made to go under it. It’s made from a petrol bottom layer and a purple and lace layer on top of that. I love the way the purple peeks through the lace and matches with the corset.

Short Cage Crinoline

I built this custom crinoline for the Witch Ariel ommission I did. The skirt comes to the knee and if quite large, so I made a crinoline to help the skirt keep its shape.

The crinoline, like the skirt of the costume, comes to the knee and has a beautiful bell shape. I’m very happy with how the shape of this one turned out.

The crinoline is made from 5 hoops and 7 vertical tapes. It’s boned with 11mm wide flat steel boning. The boning channels are made fromm twill tape, as are the vertical tapes. The waistband is made from a cotton twill and is lined with a strong interfacing to help keep its shape.

Princess Peach

This beauty right here is a Princess Peach costume I got to make. The client and I decided to go for this version of her dress, because it’s a bit more detailed and extra, which we both liked. I really went all out with this costume.

The skirt is made from 3 laters of different colors satin. Attatched to the skirt is pleated lace that’s very delicate. The skirt is also covered in golden detailing.

The bodice is also made from satin and has pleated panels on the side front. The center front of the bodice is covered in gathered chiffon fabric, decorated with lace and ribbons. The bodice is also covered in a golden applique and a couple rhinestones to add extra sparkle.

The large puff sleeves are made from the same satin as the bodice and skirt and the cuffs are decorated with lace and ribbons, that tie into a little bow.

Custom Cage Crinoline

I build a lot of custom undergarments for clients. This is one I made for a Princess Peach costume. I based the shape of it on her skirt, to make it accurate for her character.

The dimensions of the crinoline are based on those of the client. Every single crinoline I make is different, which is why I love making them.

The cage is made from flat steel boning, encased in twill tapes I sewed together to make the channels. The vertical tapes are also made from twill tape.

For this crinoline I also tried a new technique to close up the back of the channels and the hoops and I really liked what I tried, so I’m definitely gonna keep doing it this way.

Fantasy Cape Dress

This fantasy cape dress is a design I made myself and I’m so happy I got to make this again. I made this dress for myself back in 2019 in a beautiful royal blue. This client wanted the same gown, but in petrol, and I was really excited to make this for her.

Since I made my own gown a couple years ago, my skills have improved a lot and this gown really shows it. I completely redesigned the shape of the bodice to be much more flattering and am very happy with how it turned out.

This gown is made completely from chiffon on the outside and is very flory and regal. The skirt is lined with a very soft visose fabric. The bodice is made from chiffon, cotton twill and a lovely floral cotton as a lining. It laces up in the back and hugs the figure. The cape sleeves are off the shoulder and reach all the way to the floor. The neckline is decorated with a beautiful soft white lace.

fantasy dress

Eowyn Lord of the Rings

I made this dress for a client based on a dress Eowyn wears in the movie Lord of the Rings. I love those movies and the costumes in it are gorgeous, so I was really excited to create this costume for my client.

The vest is made from wool and is covered in golden detailing. The back laces up like a corset. I loved doing this vest, because unlike the corsets and bodices I make all the time, this was more armor like, which was new for me. I’m really happy with the result!

The gown is made from a beautiful linnen damast fabric and is fully lined with a soft viscose. It’s such a flowy gown and I love the design. The neckline has pintuck detailing and the sleeves are puffy and have braided trim going around them. I tried my best to make this whole gown very accurate to the one Eowyn wears in the movie.

Barbie Genevieve

This commission is based on Barbie Genevieve from the movie Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses. This was one of my favorite movies when I was little and I was so excitred to make this costume as a commission.

The skirt is made from a lining layer of pink satin and 6 layers of tule in 2 different colors layered on top. The tule was 300 cm extra wide tule and it’s all gathered into the waistband, which gives a really poofy effect. The 2 different colors tule give the skirt more dimension. I used a light pink and a bright pink. It doesn’t show on the picture, but the skirt is covered in small rhinestones and the skirt really sparkles in the lightl.

The boned bodice is made from white satin with gold and pink satin details. I especially loved doing the gold piping detailing on the front. The sleeves have a tule ruffle that matches the skirt and a small ribbon bow on each side. The bodice is finished off with a golden applique and a flower. I also added some larger rhinestones to the front of the bodice to match the sparkle of the rhinestones on the skirt.

Sugar Sugar Rune

This commission is based on an oufit from the anime Sugar Sugar Rune. When the customer came to me with this idea, I instantly loved the design. It’s simple, yet so cute.

The skirt is a full circle skirt and is made from 2 layers that come together into a single waistband. The bottom layer is a creme color with a cute lace attatched to the bottom. The top layer is made from an adorable red fabric with white clouds printed on it.

The sweater is made from a soft stretch cotton tricot and is so comfortable. This was quite different from what I usually do as commissions, but I always enjoy switching things up. And every commission I do gets a matching face mask in the same fabric as the costume!

Cotton Candy Dress

This dress is for a girl who has a cotton candy stand at a church fair during the summer. She wanted a fun, bright and colorful dress to wear to it. She already owned a dress and asked me to make her a new one, based on the old dress. I created a new design for her and this is what it turned out as.

The blue parts of the dress are a cotton, flatlined with a lace fabric. This is a technique I love using, since it created a lot of dimension in a garment. This is because it looks like it is one layer, but it’s actually two.

The pink underskirt is also attatched to the dress and is made from cotton as well. It’s a full circle, so it is very fluffy and big if a petticoat is worn under.

Lastly I made 5 big bows from the same fabric as the underskirt to really tie the look together.

Aerith Gainsborough costume

This costume commission is based on Aerith Gainsborough’s main outfit from the Final Fantasy VII Remake video game. The goal was for this costume to be as accurate to the video game as possible.

The dress is made from a lovely pink cotton with a pattern on it. It’s sleeveless and finished with a full facing along the neckline and armscye’s. The front has buttons that go all the way down the dress. It’s decorated with a darker pink cotton binding that really makes it pop. There is a ruffle hem at the bottom with a cute lace attatched to it.

The jacket is a biker jacket made from a red suede fabric and burgundy leather details. This jacket was so much fun to make. I had tailoring for a full year in school and got a degree in it. It was a lot of fun to finally use that in a costume as well. The jacket is decorated with lots of golden details like the golden zipper, studs and belts. Especially the leather parts like the back collar and an extra leather panel in the back were definitely a challenge, but I’m always up for a challenge.

Outlander Claire Red Dress

This commission was so exciting for me to make. It’s a replica of Claire Fraser’s red dress from Outlander season 2. This gown is a real eyecatcher and making this absolute beast of a dress was so much fun.

The grand pannier in the part below this picture is under this dress as a foundation garment.

The skirt is cartridge pleated and it’s 10.5 meters of fabric pleated for to 64 centimeters. This skirt is definitely the eyecatcher of the costume.

The bodice is fully boned with flat steel and spiral steel boning. The bodice is also lined with a lovely floral cotton fabic that matches the fashion fabric. So much handsewing went into this gown and it was a delight to make.

Grand Pannier

This grand pannier was part of my Claire Fraser (Outlander) commission. I needed to build a good foundation garment to support the weight of the skirt, so this is what I made.

The pannier is based on real grand panniers of the 18th century. Pattern references are from the books Corsets and Crinolines and Creating historial clothes, but I adjusted the patterns to fit this project better, making the pannier longer and bigger.

The grand pannier I made is entirely made from cotton, with cotton twill boning channels. It has several rows of flat steel boning. The channels have all been double boned to support the weight of the dress.

1850s Ballgown

I absolutely love historical fashion, the Civil War Era being my favorite period, so when I got this commission for an 1850s ballgown in, I got so excited.

The skirt is made from satin and box pleated at the top. Inside every pleat I added lace, that peaks through the folds in the fabric. The skirt is finished with a lot of cute pink bows that really catch the eye.

The bodice is the classic 1850s evening wear shape with a long point in the front, piping details and a large bertha. The bertha is definitely my favorite part of this costume. This was definitely one of my favorite commissions!

Round cage crinoline

I’ve made quite a lot of boned undergarments in the years I’ve been making costumes and they’re always fun projects to do. This is a custom round cage crinoline I made to go with the 1850s ballgown project I did.

The crinoline is made entirely from twill tape and is fully boned with steel boning. Some of the channels have been double bones to support the weight of petticoats and skirts. It has 11 hoops and 9 vertical tapes and gives the correct historical shape for the 1850s project I was doing.

I drafted the pattern for the crinoline myself with math I’ve figured out throughout the years.


This costume is based off of the cat girl design of DVA from the game Overwatch. I thought this was such a cute design and the customer allowed me to give it a bit of my own twist.

The skirt is a double layered circle skirt. The bottom skirt is black and has ruffled lace attatched to the hem. The top layer is a purple circle skirt that also has a small layer of black lace on the hem.

Of top of that is a dress with a round skirt. I created the fabric of the dress by layering several fabrics on top of each other.

The last big part this costume is an underbust corset. The original design had the lacing attatched to the dress, but I love corsetry and decided to make a full corset instead.

I also made a lace choker and some bows to really finish the costume.

Winter Belle (Beauty And The Beast)

This costume is a commission I did in 2020. It’s based on Belle’s winter dress from Beauty and the Beast. The design of this costume was made by Hannah Alexander Artwork.

This costume has so many layers! The bottom layer is a chiffon skirt made from a lovely pink shade. Op top of that is a sleeveless dress. I created the fabric for this dress by laying a lace fabric on top of a cotton. The front of the skirt has a large split decorations and fur handstitched to the bottom.

On top of those is a velvet robe. This one is definitely the eyecatcher of the costume. The front of the robe has a stunning floral lace handsewn to it and closes with a ribbon at the bust. The bottoms of the sleeves have the same chiffon as the skirt attatched. On top of the robe is a large hood with a very soft and fluffy faux fur stitched to it, giving it a real winter feel.

You can purchase this costume here on my Etsy store:

Steampunk Red Riding Hood

This costume is another commission I did. The customer really wanted a Red Riding Hood costume, but wanted to make it a bit more edgy. She also loved steam punk, so this is what it turned into!

The blouse is made from cotton, with lace stitched to the center front. The underbust corset is made from leather and was quite the challenge to make, but in the end I’m really happy with how this turned out. The skirt is several layers with lace and ruffles an a lot of floof.

Lastly, there is a cape. Wouldn’t be Red Riding Hood without a cape right? The cape is made from the same stunning red velvet as the top layer of the skirt.

Do you like my work and are interested in commissioning me to make you a costume? I’d love to make you something! You can click here for my contact page!

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