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I’ve made a load of costumes and undergarment over the years. Here you can take a look at everything I’ve made for myself. Listed by when I made them, my most recent costumes being at the top. If you want to see more pictures of my costumes, I recommend checking out my Instagram.

Green Fantasy Gown

This green lace gown is another design I made myself. I found this jade green chiffon online that I thought was absolutely gorgeous and I built an entire costume around that. I had never made a green gown before, so this was a nice change from my other costumes.

The gown is a halter neck with a large open front and back. The outside is made from chiffon with a layer of lace on top. On the inside it’s lined with viscose.

The skirt is different layers as well. The lining is made from a flowy viscose fabric, on top of that is the jade chiffon and then the lace on top of that. The lace doesn’t cover the entire front of the skirt, so the chiffon peeks through beautifully.

I made a silk satin underbust corset to go on top of the dress. I added some lace from the dress under the boning channels to tie that back into the corset. Lastly I made a pair of matching lace gloves out of some lace scraps.

Bridgerton Gown

I absolutely loved the Netflix show Bridgerton and really wanted to make myself a gown that would fit into that universe. This is not directly based off of any dress from the show. I just wanted it to have a similar vibe.

I wasn’t sure what color I wanted to go for, but when I found this stunning pink lace, I instantly fell in love and knew it was the color to go with.

I drafted all my patterns myself, based off of some historical pattern drafting books I own. I’m also wearing a pair of short stays under the gown, to give my bust the correct historical silhouette. Besides that there isn’t much historically accurate about this gown, but neither are the dresses in Bridgerton, so I didn’t care about that too much this time.

Regency Stays

I am doing a Bridgerton inspired Regency costume. In order to do a costume from a historical period, you of course need some period undergarments as well, which is why I made this pair of Stays.

I decided to go for Regency short stays, instead of long ones, because I wanted this to be a quick and fun project and the short stays would take less time. I made two mockups to make sure the fit was right and then the real stays took me about 2 days to make, so a quick project indeed.

The stays are made from two layers of cotton twill and are boned with plastic boning. There are 4 gussets in the front to create space for the bust. I added some flossing to the bottom of the gussets, since those are quite weak points. Historically this was done as well. The stays lace up in the back with eyelets and have straps going over the shoulders that are tied in the front.

Titanic Swim Dress

This is the replica I did of Rose her swim dress / sinking dress from the movie Titanic. Titanic has been my favorite movie for as long as I can remember and I had to made a gown from it. I chose this gorgeous flowy, silk gown that she wears towards the end of the movie as my first costume to make from this movie. My goal was to make a very close replica

The gown is made from silk georgette and silk chiffon. As far as I could find during my research, those are the same materials as they used for her dress in the movie. I hand dyed the silk to match the colors of the film gown.

This took me at least 100 hours to make and so many handsewing went into this costume. I’m very happy with how it turned out and feel like I got very close to recreating her movie dress.

Fantasy Cape Dress

Back in 2019 I made my first version of this gown. I designed it myself and really loved how it turned out. 3 years later and with a lot more skill, I decided to remake my blue cape dress.

I liked the original design a lot, but I did want to make it more extra and really show off my higher skill level when it comes to sewing.

This new gown has a full circle skirt with a very long train. The bottom of the train has lace sewed to it. The bodice is boned with spiral and flat steel boning and really shows off my figure. The neckline is off the shoulder and has cape sleeves attatched to it.

The bodice is decorated with lace that I cut apart and used as seperate appliques. Besides that I added a load of white beads to the bodice, that kinda look like dew drops laying on the fabric.

Elsa Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

I made my first version of this costume back in 2018. That costume was completely based on Elsa’s real dress from the short film. For this remake, I wanted to do my own design for this dress and make it much more regal than her movie dress, but still keep it Elsa.

The skirt is based on late Victorian ballgown skirts. I think those skirts are really flattering and they fit Elsa so well. The bodice is not based on historical fashion, I just went with a shape I thought would look good with the design. I chose to make the cape split instead of in one piece, so the back of the skirt wouldn’t be covered up.

I hand beaded the entire bodice in hundreds of sparkly beads and rhinestones and the skirt and cape are covered in rhinestones as well. She really sparkles when the light catches the costume.

Picture by C Flash Ninja

Goddess Costume

This costume is one that is very special to me. I really wanted to take the quality of my work to the next level and make something I’d never made before construction wise.

I made the design myself and I really wanted to turn myself into a Greek Goddess. Not inspired by any Goddess in particular, though.

I love couture fashion and that was my goal for this costume. I made a full corset bodysuit that’s perfectly tailored to my body. On top of that I draped layers of fabric. These layers are mostly handsewed to the bodice.

I handsewed a lot of delicate white lace and small beads to the costume. I absolutely love adding details to costumes and this really finished it. I also made the halo crown I’m wearing.

Picture by Meloen.cos

Tule Fairy Gown

This baby blue tule fantasy gown is a project I did as a group with my friends. We decided to go to a convention all dressed as fairies. We all picked a color we liked, so I decided to go for blue.

For this gown I wanted to do a very fluffy tule gown. The base skirt is made from satin and I layered 4 layers of tule on top. The tule is gathered into the waistband, so the entire skirt is really fluffy. I then cut 2 petals out of the tule. I finished them around the edges with a zig zag stitch, so they really stand out. The petals really finish the skirt with that fairy look, I think.

The bodice is made from satin and is decorated with some white lace that I all handsewed to the bodice. The sleeves of the bodice are my favorite part of this costume. They’re off the shoulder and made from several layers of tule, which makes them really stand out and fluff outwards. I added some lace to tie it together with the bodice.

Picture by Kevin Jeukens Photography

Ariel Kiss the Girl

I recently made another version of Ariel’s Kiss the Girl outfit from the Little Mermaid. I already made this costume previously and did a more screen accurate version. This time I decided to go for my own design.

I made a very ruffly big skirt, that has a petticoat and crinoline under it to give it a big shape. I made a blouse with big bishop sleeves and large cuffs with pearl buttons. The corset that goes on top is decorated with beautiful black lace appliques and I handsewed over 1000 black sparkly beads to the corset to give it extra dimension. The last part of this costume is a big hairbow that is also heavily decorated with lace, to match the big skirt.

This costume took me about 3 months of work to make and has so many different elements. I really love the whole extra and fluffy look she has.

Picture by Mike Attinger Photography

Odette (Swan Princess)

Swan Princess was one of my favorite movies when I was little and when I started cosplaying, I had to make her dress. I stuck to the original design for this one, but did add some extra things.

This gown is made from several beautiful fabrics. I used chiffon, viscose, cotton, dupioni silk and bridal lace to bring Odette to life. The dupioni silk has a beautiful, bright color that kind of shifts from blue to green. The bridal lace is an eyelash lace and it gives this costume the look of feathers softly draped on top, which fits Odette so well. The waist sash is secured with a vintage brooch and the top had small pearl strings stitched to it.

You can purchase this costume here on my Etsy store:

Picture by Rene Mourik

Rococo meets fantasy

This costume is another design I came up with and my friend joined in. I love giant Rococo gowns. For this convention I wanted to take Rococo fashion and turn it into something fantasy.

I made two pairs of pocket hoops for me and my friend to use as a foundation for this gown. I also made a cotton petticoat to go on top. The gown itself is a seperate skirt and bodice. They’re made from satin with tule draped on top, to give it a magical effect.

I made us two chokers to wear that are made from lace , tule and a ribbon. They were kind of an after thought, but I think they go with the gowns really well. We bought feathers and styled out wigs to have that big 18th century aristocracy look.

You can purchase this costume here on my Etsy store:

Picture by Kevin Jeukens

Elsa’s Spirit Gown

I absolutely loved Frozen 2 and when I saw Elsa’s stunning white spirit gown, I knew I had to make my own version. I was a bit underwhelmed by the movie gown, though, so I decided to make my own design. I took elements from her Frozen 1 and Frozen 2 dresses, as well as Bridal and Couture fashion.

The bodice is a corset made from satin, with a white applique and rhinestones handsewed to it. The skirt is also made from satin, with a beautiful sequin tule on top. The skirt has a large train and a big split in the front. The outer edge of the skirt is also decorated with a lace trim.

I used that same lace trim to drape a collar piece and some lace bracers. To these I added pearl and rhinestones to make them jump out more. Lastly she has a three meters long cape, which I dyed the ends of to make them look lilac. The cape is made from chiffon and attached to the neck piece.

You can purchase this costume here on my Etsy store:

Picture by Studio ByMarije Photography

Underbust Corset

This corset was a quick little project I did in 2020. I really needed a new corset to wear under costumes and decided to make an underbust, which is a corset type I’d never made before.

I used the pattern ”Nora” by Aranea Black Corsets and made a mockup, which I adjusted until the corset fit my body well. I think in the end it has such a stunning shape! I’m definitely very happy with this.

The corset is made from two layers of cotton twill and has external boning channels with spiral boning. The corset closes in the front with a busk and laces in the back.

You can purchase this corset here on my Etsy store:

1860s Ariel ballgown

The early 1860s has got to be one of my favorite eras when it comes to historical costuming. When I saw Ariel’s pink ballgown in The Little Mermaid, the shape reminded me of something 1860s, so I decided to make just that!

This ballgown has so many layers! Hidden beneath is an elliptical cage crinoline. On top of that is a petticoat covered from top to bottom in pintucks. This petticoat was based on an actual surviving 1860s petticoat. On top of that is a big skirt with white lace sewn to the bottom. To support the weight of the bottom layers I’m wearing an 1860s corset. Under that is a chemise that was sewn entirely by hand, using Victorian sewing techniques. The bodice is a typical 1860s ballgown bodice, bertha and lace poofy sleeves included.

Picture by Mike Attinger Photography

1860s Corset

I made this corset to go under my 1860s Ariel ballgown. It’s based on a pattern from the book Corsets and Crinolines by Norah Waugh.

The corset is made from two layers of white cotton and has external boning channels with spiral steel boning inside. The front closes with a busk closure and the eyelets on the back are handsewn.

I tried flossing for the first time on this corset and decided to go for a flower design. The top of the corset is decorated with a trim of lace and a small ribbon, to make it extra adorable!

Rapunzel (Tangled)

My Rapunzel costume is another one where I decided to make my own design. For this one I combined by love for ballet and historical fashion.

The bodice is an 1740s pair of stays. More about the stays below this one.

The skirt is made from a layer of poly fabric for the base and several layers on tule draped on top in two different colors, to give it a color shift effect. The lace on the bottom of the skirt was sewn on by hand. The sleeves are also very ballet inspired and made from the same tule as the skirt.

Picture by Mike Attinger Photography

1740s Stays

As mentioned in my Rapunzel post, I made an 1740s pair of stays to go with the costume, but they really deserve their own highlight.

I tried to be as historically accurate as I could be and used several different sources about the construction of 18th century stays. These are made almost entirely by and and took me 150 hours to make. The only thing I did by machine was stitch 330 boning channels…Wasn’t gonna do all of those by hand.

The materials I used are cotton, linnen and silk and I am so proud of these! They’re definitely an eyecatcher and I learned so much from sewing them by hand.

Cinderella’s Liveaction (2015) ballgown

This is a costume I am definitely very proud of. She took me six months to make, from the cage crinoline that’s hidden under layers and layers of skirts, to the giant 15 layer petticoat, the skirt that’s actually visible and a bodice.

For this costume I used an array of fabrics. She’s made from cotton, tule, chiffon, organza. For the top skirt I layered several layers of tule on top of each other to give it that watercolor effect the original gown from the movie also had.

Picture by Mike Attinger Photography

Fantasy Cape Dress

This gown is another design I made. I’ve always been in love with cape sleeves and had to make a gown that had them.

The skirt of this gown is a full circle skirt with a train in the back and is made from a satin with a chiffon on top of it.

The bodice is made from a cotton with chiffon on top. The bodice is off the shoulder and the shoulder straps have the cape sleeves attatched to them. The sleeves are definitely the best part of this costume, in my opinion.

To decorate this bodice, I bought this adorable bridal lace and cut out individual flowers and leaves. Those are all handstitched to the neckline.

You can purchase this costume here on my Etsy store:

Picture by Laure Beldman

Elsa in Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

Another Elsa costume! This is based on the dress she wears in the Frozen short film Olaf’s Frozen Adventure.

The gown is made from a rich velvet in a dark blue color and is decorated with appliques and countless small rhinestones, so she sparkles in the light. The fur on the neckline was handsewed to the dress and has more rhinestones in it.

The cape is made from chiffon and was handpainted full of snowflakes and other decorations. This took me 18 hours of sitting on my knees on the floor to do. The final result is so worth it, though!

You can purchase this costume here on my Etsy store:

Picture by Winterman Photography

Ariel Kiss The Girl

This is my first version of Ariel’s Kiss The Girl dress! This costume has so many parts I love. The skirt is a full circle and is made from a beautiful microfiber satin. Under the skirt I’m wearing a cotton petticoat with lace sewed to the bottom. The lace is visible under the hem of the skirt and gives it an adorable layered look.

The blouse is made from chiffon and has big bishop sleeves and cuffs that close with small pearl buttons.

The corset is made from cotton and has lace draped on top. Every lace flower has a small rhinestone glued on top, making the corset sparkle in the sun.

Lastly, this costume has a big hairbow, made from the same fabric as the skirt. The bow has a large hair clip on the back, so it can be secured in my wig.

You can purchase this costume here on my Etsy store:

Picture by Mitsuko Fliervoet Photography

Margaery Tyrell (Game Of Thrones)

This blue gown from Margaery Tyrell is the second Game of Thrones costume I ever made. I made this one for myself and as a commission for someone else.

Her bodice is made from a beautiful gold and blue jaquard fabric. The bodice is lined with cotton to make it softer on the skin.

The sleeves and skirt are made from a blue linnen. The skirt is a full circle and really full and beautiful.

Picture by Jeroen Weimar

Alice in Wonderland

Alice was my first ever Disney costume. I made her when I had been sewing for little under a year. I made my own patterns for her and the dress ended up fitting really well!

She’s made from a polyester fabric and the skirt is 2 circle skirts sewed together and pleated into the bodice, giving her a really full skirt. The bottom of the skirt has lace stitched to it. I always wear a petticoat and short crinoline under it to make it bigger.

The collar is decorated with a cute lace applique and a ribbon is stitched to the sleeve cuffs.

Her apron is made from a white cotton fabric.

You can purchase this costume here on my Etsy store:

Picture by Laure Beldman

Daenerys Targaryen (Game Of Thrones)

Ever since I saw this Daenerys costume on Game Of Thrones, I had to make it. The costume I created is far from perfect, since it was the second costume I ever made.

She’s made from a wool fabric and I used a pattern I found online. This costume was definitely out of my skill level when I made it three years ago at this point. But in pictures she looks pretty decent, so I wanted to share it anyway.

Picture by Vd Schans Fotografie

~ Some smaller things I’ve made ~

Do you like my work and are interested in commissioning me to make you a costume? I’d love to make you something! You can click here for my contact page!

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