Commission Information

There are a lot of different things I could make as a commission. They are all listed here. If you are interested in commissioning me, you can send me an e-mail. All information for that is on my contact page. You can also send me a DM on my Instagram.

I can make commissions for anyone, no matter what your size or gender identity is. As long as it is women’s wear. I will make sure it fits. As well as I can get it to fit without making a toile and doing a fitting, at least. This is impossible to do when someone from another country commissions me. So I draft my patterns to fit your body, based on the measurements you send me.

What can I make?

Costumes I’ve already made for myself

I’ve made myself a lot of costumes over the years. Quite a lot of these are up on my Etsy store. These costumes will be made to your size, as mentioned before.

The prices of these costumes are also up on my Etsy store. They will be made from the same materials and in the same style as I have made them for myself.

There are also some smaller costume related things up on my Etsy store, like the lace gloves and neckpiece I made for Elsa, crinolines, petticoats and corsets.

Picture by Rene Mourik

Custom Costumes

I love creating costumes that I wouldn’t have necessarily made for myself. The costume in the picture on the right is a design by an artist and someone asked if I could make it as a commission. I was a fan of the design and said yes.

So if you have an idea for a costume you want to have made, I am open to creating it for you! I love sewing and making different types of costumes.

What kind of costumes could this be? This can be an exisiting design for a character from a series, movie, game, whatever you’re fan of. It can be something fantasy. When it comes to designs from artists, I will only make it if the artist allowed people to make costumes based on their design. The costume on the right is based on one of Hannah Alexander Artwork her designs. She allows people to use her designs, so that I can do. I won’t make something if the artist doesn’t allow it.

If you have a cool idea, let me know and I’ll see if I can make it for you.

I can design you something

I love designing costumes! The possibilities are endless. I create designs based on existing characters or something completely new.

I’ve made myself several fantasy costumes that were completely designed by me, as well as designs based on characters that were already created. The costume on the left of my own version of Elsa’s Spirit Gown from Frozen 2.

If you give me some pointers to what you want me to make, I can create a design and we can discuss it together, until you’re happy with what I came up with.

Picture by By Marije Photography


I absolutely love corsetry. Making corsets is one of my favorite things to do. From making a simple corset to support the weight of a crinoline or enhance the shape of the body, to a corset that can be worn on top of other things and adding lots of pretty decorations to it.

I am learning how to flat draft corset patterns and have already made a lot of corsets for myself. If you’re looking to but a tailored corset, I would love to be the one to make that for you! Whether it’s a historical or modern corset. I’ve made both.

Other Undergarments

Undergarments can be so imporant to creating a certain shape and I’ve made lots of undergarments over the years. Crinolines, petticoats, corsets. If you need one for a costume, chances are I can make them for you.

What I enjoy making

I love making beautiful gowns with lots of details. I enjoy adding lace, ribbons, rhinestones, appliques. Anything to make my costumes real eyecatchers! It’s not just gowns, though. I also love making blouses with lace, pretty skirts. Just anything pretty and girly.

I also enjoy tailoring. I spend my entire last year at school constantly sewing blazers. If I can incorporate that into a costume, that’d be great! I don’t shy away from a coat or jacket.

I love historical fashion and I would love to make something historical as a commission. Whether it’s something like a lobster tail bustle, a hoopskirt, corset, or a complete costume.

I enjoy fantasy fashion as well. Whether it’s something whimsical and pretty or something darker and more steampunk or gothic.

So yeah, I enjoy making a lot of different things! I think you can get a pretty clear idea from the images on my portfolio page and on here.

Picture by Laure Beldman

What I can’t make as commissions

There are a lot of things I can make, but there are also some things I can’t make as commissions.

  • First is menswear in general. My school focusses on female fashion and I have no idea how to draft patterns for men.
  • I am a tailor and I work with fabrics, so I don’t do stuff like armor builds or something made from foam, worbla etc. I also don’t make props.

Picture taken on my phone

Do you like my work and are interested in commissioning me to make you a costume? I’d love to make you something! You can click here for my contact page!

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